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Accounting Intelligence

What is Accounting Intelligence?

An Accounting Intelligence system is the single source for Operational Reporting. Reconciliation, Consolidation and Audit (ORCA) and it gives accurate and secure information.

The Flash Reporting Cycle:

This is the hectic period during the days before and after the month end. Business Unit Managers and Accountants will want up-to-the-second information at a summary and detailed level.

Accountants, not developers, drive the system:

FastClose is designed such that end users build their own enquiries, not the IT department.

Virtual OLAP: (OnLine Analytical Processing)

FastClose gives business the capability of looking at any combination and any dimension(s) in the ERP system at any level.

FastClose makes pivoting, which is difficult to do in Excel, a simple drag and drop function.

FastClose turns relational data into powerful OLAP enquiries giving you the best of both worlds.

Online (Real-Time):

FastClose enquiries are online, and can drill down to the lowest level for reconciliation and audit.

This is true Real-time:

FastClose enquiries and consolidations run in real-time, which means any postings made to the GL at month end reflect immediately.

  • BI systems are aimed at C level people and concentrate on visualisations of the data.

  • Executives want high level variance analysis and graphics.

  • Operational management need very detailed variance analysis and the capability to quickly drill into the transactions. This is where FastClose excels.