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The Problem 


BI Complexity and Spreadsheet Complications

BI tools can be complex and costly to deploy, and are really more the domain of Business Analysts, and a tenant in the IT department.

Spreadsheets are flexible and have great pivot table functionality, although finding any documentation on their construction is unlikely.

However, when the author of a very complex spreadsheet leaves the company, it may become extremely difficult to maintain the reports should the need arise.

This could cause problems with the integrity of the resulting figures.

When spreadsheets become this complex, they become known as "Data Shadow Systems."

Data shadow systems can involve the following issues:

  • Data Shadow Systems are uncontrolled, unsupported possibly dangerous to your business.

  • Will there been a proper "handover" of knowledge when your spreadsheet macro builder leaves the company? If not, you may end up with great difficulty in using the spreadsheets you've come to rely on.

  • Up to 88% of spreadsheets have errors

  • Regular backup of key spreadsheets might not be a regular practice, and the same spreadsheet in multiple backups may develop inconsistencies over time.

What Is The


To provide to Accountants with operational self-service reporting: agilemulti-dimensional, and in real-time.

Reporting capable of drilling to the detailed transactions out of your ERP system. That sounds easy, but the developers of ERP software haven't designed it to offer that. 

You won't be dependent on Business Analysts or IT.

FastClose is an operational reporting and enquiry solution, easy to use and quickly deployed.

FastClose enables you to build powerful management reports against your ERP data, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of a BI system.

FastClose is built to work off the ERP tables using prebuilt templates, just by selecting key dimensions:

  • Company

  • Account Ranges

  • Period

  • Ledger Type

  • Customer

  • Vendor etc.

These are all dimensions that make up your ERP system.


We call this method of reporting“Accounting Intelligence.”

The ease of use of a smartphone, the flexibility of a spreadsheet but the control of a BI solution.